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Athletes full of passion, unlimited human potential, unique atmosphere, breathtaking views. First-class images from your sports event no matter if its a multi-day ultra race in the wilderness or a small sports festival in the city.

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  • Alexander Valchev is among the best adventure photographers I have ever had the pleasure the work with. He is very well tempered, extremely dedicated, and hustles hard at every shoot. Alex knows what he wants from a photo, goes through great lengths to achieve it, works independently (which is a great relief when organizing big events), and squeezes out the most from every shot. Most of the time he puts equal or more effort than the athletes themselves. I measure all professionals in the field according to him. Further on, Alex is a great guy whom I consider a dear friend. Working with him is very pleasant and the results are always outstanding. Lion Heart wouldn't be where it is if it wasn't for his hard work, brilliant ethics, and pure love for sport and nature.
    Filip Shavov
    Filip Shavov
    Race Director


Adidas Runners Sofia – Lion Heart Ultra Cross Triathlon – RedBull Bike The Balkan – Pirin Ultra Race Like No Other – Balkaniada Sky Race – Parangalitsa Sky Marathon – Tran Ultra Run – K3 Gold Border Race – Adventure Sky Lakes – Legion Run – Marathon Kalandzha – Vitosha 100km – RedBull Homerun – Bansko Sky Snow

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I specialize in sports photography, I simply love it and put a lot of passion into it. I strive to capture the unlimited human potential, to seal the unique atmosphere, and create photographs that people will love. I believe that photography is a key factor for sports event popularity, sponsorship credibility, and active lifestyle encouragement.

Pricing your work is and always will be a tough subject. The following price list contains my minimal terms for some of the most common scenarios.

Small sports event with a 1-hour duration – 200 BGN
Medium sports event with up to 4-hour duration and up to 300 participants – 700 BGN
Medium sports event in the wilderness with up to 300 participants – 900 BGN
Large sports event with up to 10-hour duration – 1300 BGN
Ultra races with full 24-hour photography commitment – 1800 BGN per day

The price includes one photographer, post-production, and camera equipment. The price does not include any transportation, accommodation, or extra expenses. There is an option for a second photographer which adds 90% to the price.

I know that the social hype lasts a few days after the race day. This period is crucial if you, as an organizer or event sponsor, want to achieve the most social engagement with the race images. I will provide you with:
– selected set of images for social media posts and press release in a 4-hour period
– all photos up to 72 hours after the event finish

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