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Photographer / Videographer

Alexander Valchev

Fast. Flexible. Fun to work with.

I am a passionate photographer with an interest in various outdoor areas. You can always find me in the mountains with a camera in hand and excitement for capturing the next big shot. I enjoy and practice a range of adventure and extreme activities and am willing to promote and inspire people for an active lifestyle and respect for nature.

My journey with photography began in 2012 when I got my first DSLR camera and began shooting sports competitions as an amateur. With time I got morе and more involved with the art of capturing images and naturally come into my first paid assignments. Every project is a new challenge and probably this the main driving force for me. Since I can remember, I’ve been eager to learn new skills, seek the answer to the question “how to” and aim for perfection. I am grateful that photography has given me so many opportunities for unique experiences and met me with a huge community of awesome people.


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