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Aerial Video and Photography

Aerial cinematography and the technology of drones is one of the most magnificent advancements photography and video industry has seen. Ability to capture the world from an otherwise missed perspective – bird-eye viewpoints.

Drones have revolutionized photography and videography. Their rotor-driven quad-copter versatility gives access to unique perspectives and compositions that would have previously been impossible or far too expensive. With altitude on my side, I can discover transformed landscapes and awe-inspiring views from a bird’s-eye view that photographers without a drone can’t access.

Drones are extremely fun to play with, still, learning to pilot, investing in the drone itself, paying for the respective batteries and other accessories, as well as navigating legal regulations can be overwhelming. Many people ask me if it is hard to fly a drone. Thanks to modern technologies everyone can become a “pilot” in a few hours, getting beautiful and cinematic drone footage or high-quality stills can be challenging. The best drone shots take advantage of the unique compositions you wouldn’t get from the ground while adhering to the principles for what makes a great image. Thoughtful composition and consideration of light will take the footage beyond the initial aerial-view “wow” factor and make it stand out in its own right.

Video / Photography / 360° panorama / Inspections

Services & Prices

The following price list contains my minimal terms for some of the most common scenarios. The prices may vary depending on the complexity of the tasks and the duration of the work commitment.

Services & Prices:

  • Drone video (1-2 hours) – 500 BGN
  • Drone video (full day) – 800 BGN
  • Drone photography – contact me
  • Drone 360° interactive panoramas – contact me
  • Drone 3D visualization – contact me

Terms & Cinditions

  • All prices include operator + drone.
  • Transportation (outside of Sofia) & other expenses are not included.
  • Discounts for multi-day projects.


  • In case of rain, heavy snowfall, storm, or strong winds, the drone won’t be able to fly. I always discuss the weather forecast with the client upfront, however, on very rare occasions, I reserve my right to cancel the flight due to safety reasons.
  • Flights near crowds are possible under certain conditions.
  • The drone is equipped with 4 batteries which will provide about 2 hours of flight time. If there is electricity nearby, the batteries can be charged.
  • The drone range is 500m in height and about 4-5km in linear distance. Those metrics vary according to the surrounding environment. In the urban area, the signal is weaker.

DJI Mavic 3 Pro

  • 24mm/70mm/166mm cameras
  • 4k video with up to 60fps
  • FullHD video with up to 120fps
  • Log color profile
  • 20/40MP still images
  • 3 Batteries
  • ND/PL filters

The Mavic 3 Pro is my go-to workhorse. It flagman in consumer drone line up in the DJI product portfolio offers superb image quality and variety of focal lengths.

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