Social media content / Event coverage / Commercial


A single video can put images, text, sound, and movement into one engaging and easy to digest package.

Video is the new standard, it is more engaging, more interesting and more impactful way of storytelling. And this isn’t going to change any time soon. People are consuming more video each year. YouTube is growing with more content daily, and the amount of video content shared and consumed on social media is way ahead of still images. While photography will never go away, video has become a significant complement to it.

Videography / Video Montage / Color corrections

Services & Equipment

The following price list contains my minimal terms for some of the most common scenarios. The prices may vary depending on the complexity of the tasks and the duration of the work commitment.

Videography types:

  • Social media content
  • Event coverage and reports
  • Web commercials
  • Corporate videography & Interviews
  • Documentary & Travel


  • Planning & Organisation
  • Filming
  • Equipment rental
  • Post-production


The exact prices for full video production, pre-planning and post-production highly depend on the type of project and the client’s requirements. Due to this reasons I can list only the prices for filming.

  • Filming (full day, w/o equipment) – 500BGN
  • Filming (half day, w/o equipment) – 380BGN
  • All my filming equipment rental – 200BGN

Filming kit

  • Sony a7S III / Sony a6500
  • Insta 360 RS 1-inch Edition
  • DJI Air 2S drone
  • DJI Ronin RSC 2 Gimbal
  • DJI Raveneye wireless video transmitter
  • Sony digital wireless microphone system
  • Variety of prime and zoom lenses

The Sony a7S III is my go-to camera of choice. It provides video capabilities beyond what most other mirrorless cameras offer. The a6500 may not be the latest model on the market, but still produces detailed and crisp video footage, ideal as a second camera during interviews.

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